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Septic System Services

Septic system installation and maintenance is our specialty. Here in rural Colorado they are an everyday fact of life! We are trained & certified professionals with over a decade’s experience designing and installing gravity flow systems, as well as constructing pressure dosed/mounded and pump-to-gravity systems designed by engineers in both residential and commercial applications. We meet and exceed state and local regulation. Our company works closely with inspectors and can act for you with most counties. Any system we have installed, our servicemen will follow up on monitoring, cleaning, and inspecting. These tank cleanings help extend the life of the soil treatment area and prevent problems. Because we maintain as well as install, we know about and avoid all the shortcuts in installation which can cause problems down the road. Our experts treat every project as if it were being done on our own property. Our operations and maintenance crew take great care of your system through cleaning services, and we offer maintenance service contracts. Providing a steady service for cleaning/pumping is something we take seriously. Weaver’s Level Best can address any septic problems you may encounter, regardless of scale or complexity. With years of field experience and a firm understanding of modern techniques, products, and regulations, we are the proverbial solution to your septic problems!

Septic System Installations

avigating state and county regulations for septic can be a challenge since the introduction of Colorado Regulation 43 in 2013. Percolation tests are no longer the standard, and that was just the beginning. Let our certified, educated staff & crew handle your installation. It’s crucial to trust your septic tank installation services to a reputable company with the necessary equipment, integrity, and experience. Choosing our installation will prove to be one of the wisest decisions you make towards having an excellent septic system.

Septic System Repairs

While it is a great idea to replace a whole septic system at once, it can be outside a client’s budget when an unexpected failure occurs. We understand not every septic system needs a complete replacement, so our knowledgeable technicians work inside county guidelines to replace individual septic pipelines, tanks and drainfields. We work emergency repairs into our schedule so you aren’t having to wait months to restore functionality to your system. You can rest easy that our repairs will extend the usability of your septic system.


Septic System Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance is imperative to keeping your septic system functioning correctly, especially in the long term. Consistent, routine pumping is something that should never go unaddressed for long intervals. You run potential risk of sewage blockages, leaks, and overflow. Should any of these things occur, it not only puts a substantial dent in your coffers, there are a number of health risks to your family or anyone else exposed to your septic system. To avoid these lurking pitfalls, call us for a cleaning today. If the emergency has already occurred, depend on us to resolve it!

Reasons to maintain your system

  • Protects your property value!
    An unusable septic system, or one in disrepair will lower your property value, and could potentially pose a costly legal liability.
  • Saves you money!
    Regular maintenance fees of $175 to $500 (location dependent) every two to five years are a bargain compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a malfunctioning system. Replacing a conventional system can cost between $6,500 and $8,000. Alternative systems, which may be mandated by state regulations, can cost $10,000 more. The frequency of pumping required for each system depends on how many people live in the home and the size of the system.
  • Keeps you and your neighbors healthy!
    Household wastewater contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphorous, disease causing bacteria, and viruses. If a septic system is well-maintained and working properly, it will remove most of these pollutants. Insufficiently treated sewage from septic systems can cause groundwater contamination, which can spread infectious disease in humans and animals, ranging from ear and eye infections to acute gastrointestinal illness and hepatitis.
  • Protects the environment!
    More than four billion gallons of wastewater are dispersed below the ground’s surface every day. Ground water contaminated by poorly treated or untreated household waste water poses dangers to drinking water and the environment. Malfunctioning septic systems release pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, medication, and chemicals into the ground where they eventually enter the aquifer, streams, rivers, and more, harming local ecosystems by killing native plants and fish. Good septic systems support greener, more sustainable communities!

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