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Excavation & Roadway

Digging in the Rocky Mountains is no joke, but if your plans involve moving or rearranging rock, soil, or other land features, we are your team! We proudly offer a wide array of excavation & roadwork labor. This broad service category requires a corresponding wide-ranging set of skills, tools, and knowledge to safely perform. To meet these needs, we utilize a wide array of equipment including three sizes of excavator (including one with a blade), a backhoe, multiple dump trucks, two road graders, a skid-steer, two sizes of loaders, a vacuum excavation truck, compactors, pumps, numerous tool attachments, and more. If you need multiple services, such as an inroad cleared, a house site prepared and a septic installed, we can help keep your costs affordable by taking care of them all while our equipment is already on site. Whether your venture is a substantial commercial project requiring every service we offer or clearing brush from a modest 10 by 20 foot shed site, we can build whatever your plans call for.

Land Clearing & Site Prep

Most sites in the San Luis Valley will need space cleared for building, whether it is blading rabbit brush or removing pine trees. Depending on your vision, more extensive resloping and jackhammering may be necessary. We handle it all; just specify your dimensions and plans and we will take care of an estimate for you, followed by the contract and work. Numerous choices are available; excess material can be placed elsewhere on site or hauled away, trees can be cut to lengths or left in a burn pile, just to name a few of your options. If blasting is necessary, we can subcontract a licensed blaster. In such cases, if appropriate we will also contract for a rock hauling truck. One project we handled required taking 12’ of bedrock off a hill. Let us bring your ideas to life.

Demolition & Hauling Services

Once the site is cleared for construction, it’s time to cover some basics. Do you need a building site leveled? Do your plans require building up a pad? We can use our fleet of tandem axle dump trucks to bring in a variety of materials, including a crushed concrete mix, gravels, or road base, then compact and level the site. Buildings with foundations are also common here, and we can work with you or your general contractor to dig then backfill around your foundations. Rocky soils? Our jackhammer attachment can handle it. We also dig utility trenches in a variety of widths and depths, ensuring your job has just the right trench for gas, power, or phone lines or for fiber optic cable.

Trenching & Site Prep Services

Our beautiful rural landscapes in Southern Colorado require one thing before we can start site prep- a road! Consider the type of vehicles you intend to drive onto the property- is it a four-wheeler or a 45’ RV? Specify the length and width you’d like, and we can build it. For mountainous sites we do not recommend more than a 6-7% slope, in line with State & Federal guidelines. On steep sites, this may require several switchbacks. On flatter properties, it might just be a matter of blading brush out of the way. We can haul in road base for building a raised roadway, or material to firm up roads in soft, blow sand areas. We also grade dirt roads and have cleaned mudslides off roads.

Water Supply

Whether you need work done for new construction or repairs to an existing system, Weaver’s Level Best can install, repair or replace waterlines for you, in a variety of sizes from ½” to 1 ¼”. We use PEX or Pure-core pipe, and can splice to existing copper or galvanized line. We also install either concrete or poly below-ground cistern tanks which meet NSF regulations, in sizes varying between 600 and 1,700 gallons. Just need a spigot installed on a waterline at the corrals? We cover those, too.

Water Management

Sometimes it’s not water supply you need to deal with, but water control! We handle culvert installation and cleaning, and trench or site dewatering. If high ground water can be a problem at your location, French drains might be the perfect solution to your headache. We also offer land-based dredging for ditches and ponds, via vacuum truck, excavator or skid-steer. Large irrigation pipeline and drain assembly are also part of our remit, along with reservoir & cofferdam construction.


Demolition & Cleanup

Regardless of your site scale, we can help with several more areas of excavation work. Sometimes the only way to move forward on a site is to demolish an existing structure. Our servicemen can handle demolition* & cleanup for you, along with delivery of debris to the dump. We also move and haul rock, can cut asphalt, dig pits for a variety of purposes, and spread rock or gravel to finish off your site. When nature doesn’t play nice, we also clear mud slides from dirt roadways. *Customer must have asbestos free certification.

If you have additional questions regarding our services, please give us a call at 719-852-7336.