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Sewer Work & Inspections

When you move into a home, or start dreaming about building a new house, typically the last thing you think of is the sewer or septic system, but when problems occur, headaches and costs can start mounting quickly. Our expertise includes installing, repairing, cleaning and thawing drains and sewer lines. When the worst happens, and the sewer backs into your house or commercial building, call on us to get your line open and ensure a thorough cleaning. We can replace or repair lines of any size outside the building, even to the city main if needed. In some cases, repair costs outweigh regular maintenance, so we can schedule you for yearly preventative maintenance sewer cleanings.

We also offer septic and sewer inspections by personnel certified under the National Association of Wastewater Transporters and Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater. Increasingly, sewer and septic inspections prior to real estate sales have become standard, with some mortgage lenders requiring them. The first few counties in our service area- Mineral, Hinsdale, and Gunnison- have also begun requiring inspections prior to transfer of titles.

Sewer Services

Installation & Repair

Starting a new project or just found out you have obsolete Orangeburg pipe? Our staff can repair, replace or install any line from the wall out. We use quality products and secure all joints while ensuring smooth slope on all pipes. If you don’t currently have access to your line, we can install cleanout ports to facilitate easy access. Weaver’s Level Best handles all system sizes, from straight 20’ runs to hundreds of feet for towns and RV resorts. In these larger systems we can install manholes and other specialized pumping equipment as desired. Need a grease trap for your restaurant or sand trap for your business? We offer several sizes and can meet local codes with our installation.

Cleaning & Thawing

If your sinks, toilets, tubs or showers are gurgling or backing up, regardless of whether roots, toilet paper or debris is the culprit, we can clean them with one of several sizes of snake cable machines, a high-pressure, hot-water jetter or hand snakes. We have a sewer line camera to locate and identify problem areas, letting you know where or how many repairs need to be carried out. Our cold winter climate is not always kind to drain lines, but with our powerful hot jet equipment, we quickly and effectively thaw frozen sewer and drain lines. Please note that for health and safety reasons, since our equipment is used to thaw sewer lines, we will not thaw water supply lines.


Septic systems are an amazing way to safely treat wastewater on rural properties, so long as they are in good working condition and actually located on your property! Our evaluators work to identify the type of system, approximate tank capacity, and absorption system components in place. Even if you are not certain where the tank or system is buried, we can locate it and create an approximate map of the system. Worried the old metal tank on your property may have rusted out? We can inspect and replace them as necessary.


Sewer evaluations are designed to verify the integrity of the sewer pipeline, checking for root intrusion, cracks, bad joints, sags, and areas holding water or not draining properly. They can also identify lines with excessive elbows and bends, which can potentially cause problems. Need the line location marked so you don’t hit it while doing other work in the yard? We do that too. We can work from a cleanout port, openings in a crawl space, or if, no other access, we can try through a toilet, or install cleanout ports in the yard.

If you have additional questions regarding our services, please give us a call at 719-852-7336.