Weaver's Level Best
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Weaver’s Level Best is the premier company for all your septic system, sewer, and excavation needs in the San Luis Valley and surrounding areas in Colorado! Our certifications, experience, capability, and wide array of equipment can serve you well. We’ve made our name through excellent work, reliability, and our enduring relationships with customers. We provide high quality labor and products for every step in life, whether it is the excitement of new construction, every-day maintenance, or an emergency repair!





Septic System Services

We offer complete septic system services, including but not limited to, cleaning, inspection, troubleshooting, and installation for systems of every size and type.

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Excavation & Roadwork

Ranging from land clearing, utility trenching, waterlines, and reservoirs to constructing inroads for jobsites, our professional excavation services are top-notch!

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Sewer Work & Inspections

Whether your lines are gurgling, frozen or overflowing, or you just need to know the condition of your septic or sewer system, you can count on Weaver’s Level Best!

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Many Services Made SIMPLE!

Thinking you need to hire one company to put in your road, another to dig for the foundation, and a third to install the septic? Need your septic tank emptied, but also a drain cleaning? Let us simplify and save you money! While on site we can often combine multiple services. Our pumper truck drivers can also locate systems and clean drains. Our septic installation crew can knock in a driveway, clear a house site, and install a cistern.

We offer year-round services for maintenance and emergencies, and we handle all kinds of installations and replacements while our Southern Colorado weather holds! We are proud of the valuable services we provide to our communities through our top-notch excavation, septic, and sewer services; if you would like to learn more about how our expertise can help you, please feel free to reach out to our staff here at Weavers Level Best.

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Our Project Process

For private residential septic projects we ask owners to provide us with site parcel number/address, acreage, number of bedrooms for the finished construction, and, if available, a site map. We’ll discuss conditions on site with you. From this we create a free, all-inclusive, 30-day estimate based on what is generally required to install a regulation-compliant system in your area. Once the contract is finalized, we schedule a site visit for the soil evaluation Colorado requires. After the evaluation is performed, if the site qualifies for a gravity flow system under State and county regs, our certified techs design your system and update the estimate to reflect conditions on your site. This may be higher or lower than the initial estimate. Once this final estimate is approved, we submit the design to county, then install your system.

If you already have a septic design, you can provide a copy to us and we will create an estimate based it, then you jump into the process above at the point where we obtain county approval.

Commercial septic systems must, by Colorado regulation, be designed by an engineer. We can put you in touch with someone to design the system, or if you have a design, give you an installation estimate.

For residential excavation, roadway or sewer projects, we ask you to provide us with length, width, and depth or height of the proposed project, and discuss project details such as rock or tree removal, slope/grade, existing utilities, and proposed use for the site, so we can help make sure the end product meets your needs. From this conversation we create a free, 30-day estimate for the project. To contract with us, sign the estimate, return a down payment and we will be glad to schedule the work in a timely manner for you.

For commercial excavation, roadway or sewer projects you can send us plans or we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

If you have additional questions regarding our services, please give us a call at 719-852-7336.